Tantra Massage Amsterdam

Tantra Massage Amsterdam


Tantra Massage Amsterdam Partnermassage

During partner massage you will learn to touch and massage your beloved in a way that one prefers.
The essence is to open up to your beloved's feelings, to connect with those feelings and to touch from the heart. To truly be there for your beloved one.
Fun, indulgence and communication come first.
Massaging techniques are subordinate. To participate in, and enjoy this session you don't need any training in massaging. Partner massage is a great spark for your intimate life. It creates excitement and relaxation and it stimulates mutual communication and communion.

Partner massage can be done by either or both of you. In the situation where there is just one masseur or masseuse, we focus on emotional connection, touching and basic massaging techniques.

It is possible to do the partner massage in the comfort of your own environment, in our practice or in a hotel...
A partner massage can be done on either the massage table or on a mattress. Partner massage is also a great gift to give or receive!
Suprise your beloved one and have a great experience for yourself as well!

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